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Life is in your hands,
what would you like it to be?

Becoming the architect of your life.

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Life Purpose Coaching

Coaching puts you into the drivers seat​...

The answers to all your challenges are already within you, but sometimes difficult to detect.


Coaching is a method that leads to clarity. In turn it can help you to focus  your energies and make sustainable decisions based on clear insights.

Transformational Coaching

Coaching takes you 

beyond your stopping points

When in distress or doing something new or important, your brain looks for danger. Buddhists call this "Monkey Mind," for that aspect of the mind that is always chattering as it swings from doubt to worry and back to doubt again.


Coaching helps you tame your brain — so you can turn your true intentions into action rather than being driven by your doubts and/or fears.

Coaching is available in the following languages:

“I support people to do what they came here to do,

so they can experience a purposeful life and contribute actively towards a world that is worth living in”.

Being present and supporting



to discover and realise the greatness and the opportunities that lie within, is what motivates, engages and drives me! 


I do this by creating space, using an ontological approach (the philosophical study of being) and with the conviction that there is nothing to be fixed where nothing is broken.  

Once you see things clearly you can start to focus on what matters most to you.


This will give you the results you have been longing for.




Stephan is a certified Coach (ICF, PCC), Lotscoach®, Kundalini Yoga Instructor (KRI) and Mindfulness Meditation Teacher (in training).

He has been formed by years of international and leadership experience in both commercial and operational roles and decades of work with people of various cultural backgrounds. 

About Me
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"With Stephan's interest in my situation and his fantastic toolbox, I quickly came to understand who I am and how I want to live my life. His strength lies in his good will to help, to be diligent in his questions and to drive me to find solutions arising from my own answers"
Silke Ploetzner Siemens
"I appreciate his professionalism and especially his way to deal with and guide so many different characters. Through a structured approach and different steps, Stephan guided our team to a valuable transformation"
Anne Karell Perilliset Oy Ahlström
"Stephan was able to create a safe and professional atmosphere where everyone felt they were heard and seen and could equally contribute. His appreciative and warm response to individuals left fine marks on us all"
Daniel Grimes Continental AG
"His ability to dig deep through asking intelligent and sensible questions helped me to clearly understand the reasons for obstacles I had to deal with and reveal the solutions and a clear way forward"
Marcus Sandén Nordic Choice Hotels
"He has an invaluable compassion, curiosity, patience, insight and knowledge and pushes me to widen my perspective and explore my full potential. Stephans guidance has been and still is an absolute crucial part of my success
Birgitta Hellmark Lindgren SLU
"I appreciate Stephan for his curious, warm, humorous and creative nature. He has a rich source of knowledge and methods to draw from and he is experienced which provides valuable security"

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