what LOTS® is

LOTS® is a common philosophy, a common language and a common tool / process.

This process is applicable and useful for all types of organizations to enable dynamic thinking and structured reflection, thereby creating a basis for solid decision-making. The process also enables the sustainable implementation and an effective follow-up of decisions, for both large and small topics/issues or questions.

The philosophy of LOTS®

We live in a world of constant change and in order to develop sustainably, we have to understand what is happening in the world around us. What happens in our society, in the area in which we operate and in the people we meet and work with - including ourselves?

What needs and deficiencies do we see? We call this the “Outside-in” perspective. This means that in everything we do, we first focus on customers, colleagues and other key stakeholders. The “outside-in” perspective should then be complemented with our “Inside-out” perspective.

Based on the shortcomings and needs that we recognize, we use or develop our skills and new creative solutions in the form of products and services.

why LOTS®?

What do we usually focus on when we are confronted with and need to decide upon an important topic or issue? Often we focus directly on solutions in the form of activities and resolving approaches like organizational change and thereby immediately concentrate on “what we should do”. 

Ask yourself, how do we know which activities to focus upon and which organization makes most sense, if we have not yet set a clear goal, understand our success factors and missed to clarify the purpose of the whole thing. LOTS® enables a structured approach that leads to insight, new knowledge and clarity and thus guarantees sustainable results and success.

Customer voice
Anne Karell.tif
Anne Karell
CEO, Antti Ahlström Perilliset Oy

Antti Ahlström Perilliset Oy started a significant process in 2019, where we aimed to define a new vision for the Ahlström family and the company. We hired Stephan Stahl as facilitator for the process. In the process, 30 family members were involved and the process took 1 year. Stephan used LOTS® as a methodology which, with its structure, helped us reach the desired end results. Right from the start Stephan was able to create a safe and professional atmosphere where everyone felt they were heard and seen and could contribute to the process. Stephan was able to hold a large group very nicely and always took us back to the agenda when discussions began to flow. Stephan's appreciative and warm response to individuals left fine marks on us all. In addition to achieving our substantive results and learning a good way to achieve results via LOTS®, we received many new ideas as individuals and how we should act and work together in a constructive and positive way. We can highly recommend Stephan for different needs on a wide scale. Stephan's professionalism and his excellent knowledge of getting the most out of a person make him a valuable and valued partner.

delegate Feedback
  • A deeper understanding that leads to clarity and meaningfulness

  • "Turnaround" in the team based on commitment and mutual understanding

  • A common approach, a common language and a structured tool for every problem

  • A dynamic way of thinking and acting that leads to clear sustainable results

  • Active consensus building within complex organizations

  • It helps us keep in touch with a changing world

  • Focus and clarity that leads to sustainable progress

  • Very inspiring, we got a new perspective

  • Right now it is so valuable to take time to reflect

  • It creates a space that enables creativity and new perspectives

the Process LOTS® 

What will we reflect and decide upon?


Present Situation
Within the frame of our Issue:
Where are we today and why?

What insights have we gained?

What do we believe about the future? 


What will we do for whom and why?


Success Factors

What will we be characterized by in order to be appreciated and successful?


Where do we therefore want to be and when?


What will we do, how and when in order to reach our Goals?


How will we get the competence we need?


Who is responsible for what?


Financial Consequences
What revenues, costs and investments will this lead to?


What will we follow up, how and when?

When will we update this plan?

how did LOTS® originate?

LOTS® was introduced in 1973 by Hans Åkerblom to enable conscious reflection that can lead to sustainable decisions and results. Hans Åkerblom realized at the time that a need for change was often met either through restructuring or through a variety of activities.

Over the past 40 years, Hans Åkerblom has continuously developed the process. LOTS® has now been used in more than 60 countries and over 6,000 managers have been certified as Lotscoach®.

Given its holistic approach and structure, reflections with LOTS® lead to insight, clarity, focus and sustainable success.