Organizational Coaching

"Transform your Organization"

Discern your most important issues and take a structured approach towards bringing clarity, focus and momentum to your entire organization. An organization where all understand their purpose and strive towards achieving a common vision and goal.  

"Movement does not necessarily mean progress, 

you can be very active while not going anywhere"

What to Expect

If you shine a flashlight on yourself rather than away from yourself, you might be blinded!


Change, crises or unexpected challenges can lead us to  pull inward, to think and act "inside-out". In this modus, it is relatively easy for us to define our products and services from within, rather than solutions our customers, society and our partners truly require. Organizations which take time to reflect in order to see and understand their present situation clearly, to understand the needs and deficiencies they are confronted with both internally and externally, are organizations which will sustain and play an active role in making this our world just a little better. 

What you will experience:

Timeless principles: Experience a structured, engaging and results oriented process and benefit from universal principles as found in philosophical, spiritual and secular sources, from wisdom teachings to brain research and neuroscience 


Practical tools: Learn and experience simple yet powerful reflection tools for seeing more clearly, bringing your values to life, realizing your vision courageously, and empowering your organization generously.


Daily practices: Understand how to create lasting shifts (transformation) in the way you see and do things within our organization which can lead to a behavioural shift and cultural stability.


Compassionate support: My approach honors the wholeness and dignity of everyone, and affirms your capacity to move beyond obstacles and limitations, giving you sustainable results derived from within and therefor powerful and long-lasting. 

We have been working together with Stephan since July 2017. He planned and facilitated various meetings and workshops for us, such as the Global HR Annual Meeting, the 1st Int. Management Development Program and a strategic workshop with Corporate Communications. 
Stephan has consistently been able to integrate and engage all participants  despite the immense cultural diversity of the group(s). We value his ability to continuously guide groups and individuals towards effective results, and where necessary, to concentrate their attention on individual topics; thereby bringing key issues and challenges to the surface. We appreciate Stephans professionalism and coaching style, which focuses on attentiveness, courage and humour. We can highly recommend Stephan to other leaders and organisations.

Andreas Keller
Corporate Officer
GM Human Resources HQ
TDK Corporation

Yes, We are ready

to transform!


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