Change, a recurring surprise.

Updated: Nov 15, 2020

Reacting positively to change

A leader I had the privilege to work with recently stated the following:

“When will we as an organization stop being surprised by change but rather learn to accept that #change is a constant and embrace it with open arms as it again and again arises. Grateful for the lessons it offers us and for the #opportunity it gives us to continuously #develop and #evolve”.

Everything in this world is in continuous motion, giving us the opportunity to move, to shape and reshape, to evolve and develop. As all things in life, it is a continuous process. If however, we hold on to the known, resist the change, remain in our fears … the gap between our personal situation and reality will widen until it becomes unbearable for us.

Imagine yourself holding on to the bank of a streaming river. What are you experiencing as you hold on tightly while the river’s current tries to pull you away? What if you let go and let yourself float on your back to the middle of the river. What are you experiencing now?

Why is it so important for us to hold on despite the uneasiness, the pain and the enormous effort? What is it that keeps us from letting go, from #transforming in order to adapt to and benefit from change?

We all have belief structures based on past experiences, often forged out of our deepest insecurities and #fears and fuelled by our thoughts. Regarded as the founder of Taoism, Lao Tzu is to have said, “Watch your #thoughts, they become your #words; watch your words, they become your #actions; watch your actions, they become your #habits; watch your habits, they become your #character; watch your character, it becomes your #destiny.”

If we would like to meet change openly and constructively, we must free ourselves from our preconceived notions. We must face the world like a child newly born, naked and vulnerable, facing the world while fully trusting that it will be taken care of. We must let go of our presumptions and solidified “patterns-of-knowing” in order to become fully open and receptive for the new.

The new is represented in the constant of change. Change, although a normal state in the flow of things, continues to surprise us. We’d rather remain in the security of living the truths we so dearly believe in rather than opening up to the opportunities, which the constant of change offers us. We often choose to hold on to things, even to the extent that over time pain might force us into changing involuntarily!

So the first step towards #transformation becomes possible as and when we recognize our thoughts and core beliefs and become open and willing to question and re-shape these thoughts and beliefs.

It is your choice, be it as an individual, a group or an #organization, to either hold on to your core beliefs, your perceptions, to your given situation or to give yourself freely, openly, courageously and curiously towards each given situation – learning, adapting, developing. Following the flow of the river.

Ask yourself:

  • Am I / are we willing to pause in order to look closely at my / our present situation, without preconceptions, without judging, without evaluating? Just looking.

  • Am I / are we open enough to recognize and name what I / we see by looking closely without explaining, rationalizing or solving? Just recognizing.

  • Am I / are we courageous enough to name and acknowledge what I / we recognize to be true, openly and receptively? Just acknowledging.

  • Am I / are we willing to take action based on my / our insights and to bear the consequences of the actions and results these insights produce? Just moving forward.

If you are open and willing, the #future is yours as change becomes a companion who is continuously at your side to assist you in developing and moving forward - no further surprises!

Each given situation be it perceived as pleasant or unpleasant bares the seed for something new to arise and manifest. Question is, am I open and willing enough to look closely at the opportunity at hand?

How will you chose to respond, next time change knocks on your door?

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