Nurturing your spirituality.

Updated: Nov 15, 2020

Why you should say yes to your spirituality and how it can bring the greatness of your organisation to life.

Working within the #hospitality sector for the majority of my life, it always amazed me how different the feeling could be when walking into a #hotel. In some hotels I sensed an immediate feeling of welcome, genuine warmth and “all is well”, whilst in others a feeling of discomfort, lack of energy and “tightness” could creep under my skin.

Today, working as an #entrepreneur with various types of #organisations globally, I see myself experiencing the same phenomenon. With some #companies and teams, I feel an almost immediate sense of #connectedness, trust and positive energy whilst in others I detect a sense of insecurity, directionless and polarity. It feels to me like a state of thriving versus a state of surviving!

I have been known to say “this place really has a soul” or “Wow, you can really sense a positive spirit in this company”. This is clearly a communication from the #energy of the place. What do companies vibrating a clear and positive company spirit have that those stuck in a cycle of battle do not?

Susan Jane Goldsmith Herman of the University of Massachusetts Amherst describes the Company Spirit as “pride in one's company, a common sense of purpose, pleasure and positive challenge in the work of the organisation, security in the work environment, and the feeling of reciprocal support between members and the management of the organisation”. In her study, ”Building company spirit in multidivisional organisations”, Susan describes two type of organisations, one a high spirit company, the other a low spirit company”.

What is it then that makes the difference? What ignites and nurtures a company’s´ spirit or on the other hand, keeps it from manifesting?

#Spirituality is not a word which is easily understandable or accessible. Not within the corporate sphere and even so within the private part of our lives, where it is a subject which is often connected to religion or being religious. Some cultures speak freely and openly about spirituality while others keep it hidden away.

Spirituality might be described as a sense of connection to something bigger than ourselves. It typically involves meaning and clear direction. As such, it is a universal human experience - something that touches us all, be it an individual, a group or an entire organisation. It is like the air we all breathe. Have you ever succeeded in moving forward for very long, whilst holding your breath?

Based on my personal experience, I would say that spirituality arises when certain values or #qualities are lived by all team members, across all hierarchical and functional levels. It is a matter of being and it cannot be dictated or prescribed. It must be lived and expressed in our everyday doing, in our thoughts, words and in our actions.

Some valid questions you might want to reflect upon are:

  • Is our #Vision driven by a greater cause, attracting, engaging and inspiring others?

  • Does our #Purpose provide clarity, meaning and give clear direction to all?

  • What qualities are we willing to demonstrate when relating to each other, including ourselves?

  • How can we nurture a culture where all are heard, where all support each other and no-one is left out?

  • What areas of tightness within our organisation are we presently avoiding to address?

  • What are we presently holding on to when really we should be letting go?

  • What are we currently practicing or saying yes to that is in incoherence with our values?

Your spirituality cannot be created as it already exists - you rather need to make an effort of detecting it and bringing it to life throughout the entirety of your organisation. The results just might surprise you.

This however takes courage, a state of openness and presence and the willingness to make a true difference. Is your organisation ready to open up and be its authentic self?

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