Team Coaching

"Engage your Team"

Understand the dynamics of trust and clarity within your team. Empower people to speak up, collaborate and become more engaged, self-responsible and supportive of each other.

"The future is about building and maintaining networks. Networks across borders and beyond limitations"

What to Expect

What is a team other than a group of individuals, all with their own expectations, goals and desires, where each member of the team would like to leave their mark and make their unique contribution towards a greater whole. To develop an effective team, we need therefore first to understand our self and each other and agree on a common goal, where no one is left out and all support each other. Seeing and utilizing the uniqueness of each individual is what leads to truly effective teams, teams in balance over time, who produce sustainable results. 


What you will experience:

Timeless principles: Experience universal principles as found in philosophical, spiritual and secular sources, from wisdom teachings to brain research and neuroscience.


Practical tools: Learn and experience simple yet powerful tools for seeing more clearly, living your values collectively, realizing your teams vision courageously, and empowering yourselves and others generously.


Structured approach: Understand how to create lasting shifts (transformation) by taking a structured, step-by-step approach where insight lead to engagement, collaboration and a change of behaviour (culture). Start living the culture you would like to experience and nurture.  


Compassionate support: My approach honors the wholeness and dignity of everyone, and affirms our capacity to move beyond obstacles and limitations.


Antti Ahlström Perilliset Oy started a significant process in 2019, where we aimed to define a new vision for the Ahlström family and the company. We hired Stephan Stahl as facilitator for the process. In the process, 30 family members were involved and the process took 1 year. Stephan used LOTS® as a methodology which, with its structure, helped us reach the desired end results. Right from the start Stephan was able to create a safe and professional atmosphere where everyone felt they were heard and seen and can contribute to the process. Stephan was able to hold a large group very nicely and always took us back to the agenda when discussions began to flow. Stephan's appreciative and warm response to individuals left fine marks on us all. In addition to achieving our substantive results and learning a good way to achieve results via LOTS®, we received many new ideas as individuals and how we should act and work together in a constructive and positive way. We can highly recommend Stephan for different needs on a wide scale. Stephan's professionalism and his excellent knowledge of getting the most out of a person make him a valuable and valued partner.

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Anne Karell
CEO, Antti Ahlström Perilliset Oy

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